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The perfect gift (for the lazy)

May 2020 cover

A magazine subscription makes a fantastic gift option (if you can't think of anything they actually want), and we'll even deliver it direct to their door for you. 

Treat someone to a Viz gift subscription and choose a 12 month subscription for only £33.94 (saving 13% on the shop price) and keep your pal in stitches throughout the year. 

  • Gift these classic Viz favourites and help a friend or family member waste some time with the magazine that's better than nothing!
  • In every issue they'll get classic strips of Viz favourites such as Roger Mellie, The Fat Slags and Sid the Sexist that will keep them laughing month after month.
  • It's also packed with regular features including Roger's Profanisaurus, Letterbocks and Viz Top Tips.